November 2023


To maintain confidentiality during crypto transactions in the modern market, users must use various services and tools, including Bitcoin mixers. We tell you how crypto mixer works and what projects are worth paying attention to.

How to ensure anonymity during Bitcoin transactions?

The primary task of digital currency mixers is to create maximum difficulty in identifying the organizer of a cryptocurrency transfer. Various schemes are involved here, the basic idea of which is identical – to make the last entries in the blockchain entirely unrelated to the sender of the coins. The true anonymity of digital currencies is the absence of the need to disclose individual information and the lack of systemic control over funds transfers and control of their destination. The crypto coin is a database embedded in the blockchain. This distributed ledger stores the historical sequence of transactions made. Personal information of the parties involved in the operation is not entered into the blockchain. It is the only way to explain the anonymity of cryptocurrencies, praised by many. However, a single connection of individual information with any cryptocurrency operation (online payment, conversion in an exchanger, etc.) is enough for the distributed registry to store a cryptographic code that can personalize the user. Thus, crypto mixers like YoMix are becoming more and more popular.  

YoMix for confidential transactions

According to some research, YoMix is considered the best Bitcoin mixer in the market. The undoubted advantage of the service is its very profitable referral program. When performing the first mixing, the user is sent a unique code, which further helps to receive a noticeable commission discount (up to 70%). The platform does not ask users to register. Upon completion of the operation, the participant receives a letter of guarantee. After one day, the data on the transactions performed is automatically erased, which guarantees the anonymity of the participant’s identity.